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Shopwati was born out of the never ending struggles women face each day with online shopping. Rather than developing something been-there-done-that, we set out to create something remarkable.

So with all the never ending late nights of fooding, gazillion cups of chai and infinite brainstorming sessions we came up an Idea that changed our and perhaps many other lives “Shopwati”- any woman’s go to place for all her fashion needs and enquiries.
Shopwati initially started as a small facebook group of friends and family in September 2015. The group enabled women to search any of their fashion related dilemmas and find the best answers to their search. Gradually, more users joined Shopwati each day, and became hooked to the idea. What started as a 100 odd member group today stands to be one of India’s largest Online Fashion Communities.

Our growing team consists of the best and brightest strategists, creative thinkers and dreamers, out of the box marketers, efficient account directors, and savvy technical experts.
Shopwati is a close knit team of people who believe in the unconventional and the out-of -the-box path. With a combined experience of over 20 years the mix of the various skills, brings something fresh each time.

We have recently launched our Fashion app, which “Helps you Find” anything and everything in Fashion. Our platform connects a user to the relevant designer directly. Shopwati looks to leverage the power of the fashion-savvy people in helping individuals find the clothes & accessories they are looking for. Users can simply post what they are looking for and various designers, dealers, users and bloggers help in finding the best deal and match.
Today, Shopwati has grown to become the “Yoda” of finding the right fashion for women not only in India but abroad as well.